Inizia: 26 Giugno 2022
Finisce: 26 Giugno 2022

Sede Evento

Via della Casa Buia 4, Bologna

GPS: 44.5417457, 11.3504509

Contemporary dance program for dancers
Season 2022/2023

Art Factory International is a professional intensive training project created by Leggere Strutture Art Factory, a center dedicated to arts and culture in the city of Bologna.
The program focuses on younger dancers, with ages between 18-30, eager to broaden and deepen their own technical and artistic training in fields such as dance, choreography and composition.

Art Factory International engages in an 8-month training course from October until May, with admission through audition and with focus on projects dealing with research and covering the contours of artistic and technical training.
The project aims at creating a personal formation course where the participant contemplates on constructing and setting in motion the artistic and professional self.

The program involves daily training in classical and contemporary dance through a teaching plan led by artists and teachers, expert in the field and working towards technique strengthening, along with pursuing a higher level of awareness in regard to one’s physical strength and the creative movement.

Moreover, the platform is a host to monthly workshops and seminars, featuring internationally renowned choreographers and artists with focus on widening the attendees’ knowledge and enriching the workshop participants’ experiences, visions and professional competences.

The Art Factory International platform’s trajectory also arranges extra-curricular classes, by sharing several supporting projects organised by Leggere Strutture. The classes will focus on exchange of virtuous practices by drawing from different professionals with the intention of shaping the participant’s personality and competences, as well as broadening the artist’s new training horizons.

This year Art Factory International will open a performative platform within its spaces under the nome of Spazio CRUDO, designed to host projects, previews and work-in-progress by international artists in residency at Leggere Strutture, in addition to accommodating ‘open door’ performances enacted by AFI participants.

CRUDO has been envisioned as a neutral space where sharing and hosting young professional figures is made possible.
A space envisaged at connecting artistic and critic domains, as well as presenting first runs and performance premieres.
During the training period, international in-residence artists will shape their creations with AFI participants, with the pieces premiering at CRUDO space.

The platform’s goal is to form professional figures on tecnical-creative level, specialists capable of setting their own career path, proficient in creating a personal artistic identity able to accrue additional skills, as well as to grow and work in different performative settings.Aufiy

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